Holidays Suck EP


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released January 11, 2015



all rights reserved


JANX Butte, montana

I make bleepbloops

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Track Name: Happy Suxmas (Janx-182)
Well now it's winter
And everything sucks
this stupid ice storm
made me crash my truck
I can't shut out
the crappy christmas choir
And I’ll be paying of loans until I retire

People wonder why I'M DRINKING beer
While the school kids are
Makin a snow man
I still have a fruit cake
From last year
That never threw in the trash can

Christmas Eve is stupid
Everyone's got shit to sell
It's all about the food and
I'm still moody
but no one can tell
Now I’m flat out broke
Wishing on the stars
writing this stupid song
drunk at a biker bars
It's stupid
Christmas ends in hell.

Christmas time
No Christmas bonus for you
It's your fault that you're pregnant
But what can you do
It's the recession again
No Christmas break for the poor
They're still stuck working night shift at the grocery store

Am I negative or
is this life
That we're stuck in a lower tax bracket
Well the future doesn't
look too bright
When your only meal is crackers

Merry Christmas assholes
Do you know what you've done to me
My loans are in default
But is it the fault
Of the economy?
I will never see my family again
Because I'm slaving a way
at this stupid dead end
There's no Christ in Christmas
Fuck you conservative right

Jingle bells kill yourselves we all go to hell
Kawaii kids committing suicide
Is illegal cant you tell?
Jingle bells prison cells not allowed to bail (because I'm)
Getting choked by the popo now
It's no wonder I'm in jail